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Step 1 - Health Plan Information:

Click the circle to the left of the item you want to view, then click “Continue” and you will be taken to Step 2.

Step 2 – Health Plan Type:

Click the type of health plan you want to view. You can choose all health plans in the state or narrow your search by choosing only commercial, Medicaid, Medicare, or Healthy Kids. When you click “Continue” you will be taken to Step 3.

Step 3 – Health Plan Location:

You can view health plans throughout Florida or choose one county. For a statewide list click “All Florida Counties” then click “View Results” at the bottom of the page. However, if you want to view only one county click “Health Plans by County.” In the drop-down menu choose the county then click “View Results.”

Viewing the Results Tables:

The results table will display different information depending on which link you chose at the beginning.

  • The Health Plans in Your County option presents the type of plan, the plan’s name, statewide enrollment, and accreditation.
  • The Quality of Care Indicators option displays ratings on several medical concerns, like how often certain medical screenings are conducted, well-child visits, diabetes care, and other measures.
  • The Member Satisfaction for Adults and the Member Satisfaction for Parent and Child show overall plan satisfaction, ease in getting care, satisfaction with the number of doctors to choose from, and other measures.

Three of the results tables (Quality of Care Indicators, Member Satisfaction for Adults and Member Satisfaction for Parent and Child) display star ratings for each health plan. If you want to see the information presented in percentages, look above the table and select "Scores" under "Display of Data". To go back to the stars, click “Ratings.”

To print or save a results table, click “Print” or “Save to Excel” located below the table.

To learn more about the information presented, click on column headings at the top of the chart. Click on a health plan’s name to view its profile page.

What information is included?

All HMOs licensed in the State of Florida are included. Also included are most PPO health plans with at least 5,000 covered lives in Florida. In some cases, no information is available because the health plan is new or has a small enrollment (not measurable). In other cases, the plan did not provide voluntary information.

What information is not included?

Members of self-insured plans are not included. Ask your employer if you are not sure about what type of insurance you have.

Other Health Plan Information and Links

On the bottom half of the Health Plan homepage are links to additional health insurance information. These go to websites outside of our Agency, including the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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